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Homemade 100% Organic Skincare and Herbal Remedies made by Kip.  Products are prepared seasonally and by request. In honor of the traditional manner in which healing remedies have always been made, we use only the purest ingredients with the most simple methods. All oils are infused with local plants known for their amazing healing power. Our essential oils come for Floracoepia and Mountain Rose Companies. These oils are derived from plants grown with care for the environment and are pure, unadulterated, first-distillation formulas. 

Current Products:

Sacred Facial Syrum $25

Nourishing Hand/Body Lotion $10

Healing Cocoa Salve $12

Disinfectant Spray $8

Cold n' Flu Syrup $15

Herbal Tea Blends $6

Lip Balm $5

If you would like to host a product making session in your home, please call or email to schedule. Feel free to write with questions regarding product ingredients.

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